Finding The Right CBD Dosage

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Finding The Right CBD Dosage Axis Labs CBD

The addition of CBD to your existing healthcare routine has been reported to help with dry skin, offer natural pain relief, and more. While CBD is the subject of more and more study and research, scientists and companies have yet to establish a standard or recommended dosage. Unlike prescription or over-the-counter medicines, the "right" dosage for CBD varies from product to product and from person-to-person. To help ensure that you’re taking the right dosage of a CBD oil or capsule, Axis Labs has assembled this brief guide.

What’s the Reasoning Behind No Set Dosage?

CBD dosages can vary widely in size and quantity, with some as little as a few milligrams to others as large as a gram or more. This is largely due to the fact, as we explained in a previous blog, no one reacts to CBD the same way. These differing reactions can be traced back to the "biphasic properties" of CBD. When something is biphasic, it means that it has opposite effects when taken in varying quantities. When it comes to using CBD, a small dosage typically stimulates your body in some form. On the other hand, a larger dose can actually sedate you. Find the right balance of how much CBD you take to achieve the results you want can be difficult for some.

Finding the Right CBD Dosage

Nearly every CBD oil product will have suggestions on how much you should take in a given day. Axis Labs, for example, tells you the concentration of CBD in each drop or capsule. If the recommended dosages aren’t offering you the results you’re looking for, try this process instead. Keep in mind, it’s best to start low and take it slow. CBD often takes some time to take effect and stays in your body for longer than you might realize. You don’t want to take too much and experience some of the side effects, like nausea or dizziness. If you’re using CBD tinctures or oils, start by placing a drop under your tongue and holding it in place for one minute. After an hour, take stock of how you feel, if you feel anything. For body pain relief creams, apply a small amount of the cream to the patch of skin you want to target. Think about a dollop the size of a pea. Work it into the skin and then track any changes you experience over the course of an hour. For either product, once you’ve figured out how you react to a smaller dosage, you can gradually use more until you achieve your desired outcomes.

There’s No Fear of Overdosing on CBD

For anyone adding a new product to their health care regimen, there will be some apprehensions as to the effects it has. While it’s always a good idea to gradually add CBD to your healthcare routines, there’s no chance of you overdosing on CBD. That’s because studies have yet to find a lethal amount of CBD. One study found that even when an already healthy individual consumed more than 30 times the recommended dose of CBD, the human body could tolerate the excess CBD very well. That said, taking too much CBD may lead to some mild side effects like:
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Dry mouth
  • Dizziness
  • Grogginess
  • And more

CBD May Interact With Your Other Medications

Comparatively, CBD is a fairly harmless compound, but it can have a pronounced reaction with the other medications or drugs you’re taking regularly. Before you begin using CBD, it’s highly recommended that you meet with your doctor. Together, you can discuss how CBD might react with other medicines, as well as your goals for using CBD in the first place. Ready to include CBD into your healthy lifestyle? Axis Labs the products you need! From tinctures to creams, even hemp oils for pets, we’ve got it all. We lab test our CBD oil at a third-party site to ensure it is of the highest quality and potency. Order your Axis Labs CBD oil products today.

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