What Makes CBD So Popular?

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What Makes CBD So Popular? Axis Labs CBD

It’s appearing in grocery stores. It’s popping up in gas stations. Your best friend is using it, and so is your dog.

It’s CBD, and it’s seemingly everywhere. But why?

Like most of the topics we tackle here at Axis Labs, there’s no one short answer. The fact is, CBD is more popular than ever, and more and more people are using it. We often dive into the science and use of CBD, so today let’s take a look at the cultural side of this phenomenon.

Growing Research Means Increasing Trust

The passage of the 2014 Farm Bill allowed for research institutions, state-run labs, and university studies to cultivate and study hemp and its chemical compounds. While there has been research into the use of cannabis compounds like CBD since its discovery in 1940, the 2014 bill allowed for an unprecedented level of academic access to the cannabinoid. 

Whilethe FDA has not established any official regulations or guidelines about the production and use of CBD and hemp-based products yet, many research groups are still pleased with the promise of these goods. 

The use of CBD to help manage symptoms ofanxiety are especially promising. Anestimated 20% of users take CBD for anxiety and for good reason. Multiple studies have shown that participants who take a dose of CBDreport lower levels of perceived anxiety than those who take a placebo. 

Those who live withchronic or recurring pain, CBD has become a popular alternative to opiate painkillers and NSAIDs, both of which have harmful side effects. There’s a body research that argues that CBD has“analgesic,” or anti-inflammatory, properties. Amongst athletes and weekend warriors alike, CBD has become a regular part of their workout recovery plans. Amedical review from 2018 even suggested that CBD could be used as part of a treatment plan for conditions like neuropathic pain and fibromyalgia 

Hemp Gets Swept Up in the Green Revolution

The last decade was remarkable for a variety of reasons, but one of the largest cultural shifts we saw was the changing attitudes about cannabis plants more broadly. As states like Colorado and Washington legalized marijuana for recreational use, more and more states began legalizing it for medical use. In many respects, it was this growing understanding and acceptance of the cannabis family of plants that opened the door for the hemp renaissance.

Prior to the 2018 Agricultural Improvement Act, hemp was a sort of niche plant, discussed in remote corners of head shops or herbal supplement stores. But the Farm Bill made hemp accessible to everyone. Suddenly, farmers at every level could grow this cost-effective, rugged, and versatile plant. With increased production came increased use, and companies started using hemp as a base for a litany of products, from shirts to salves and everything in between.

More agriculturalists growing hemp meant an expanding market for the product in its raw state.Forbes reported that hemp production quadrupled from 2018 to 2019, and there are an estimated 511,000 acres of hemp being raised in the U.S. Companies began buying more hemp to make into goods, and CBD became one of the most common end products. TheNorth American Industrial Hemp Council believes that more than 25,000 products are made from hemp. Suddenly, small operations that had been making CBD extracts in small batches were now major players in the health and wellness industry.

Accessibility Leads to Familiarity

In line with the huge number of CBD brands and products being developed, consumers have easier access to products than ever before. The internet makes it simple to buy a product instantly. Social influencers on sites like Facebook and Instagram promote products that appeal to certain audiences. The easy social media cachet of CBD meant that dozens, if not hundreds of bars, restaurants, and coffee shops started offering CBD-infused foods and drinks. More than simply a product,CBD became a lifestyle almost overnight. 

No longer just a novelty you found at corner gas stations, CBD has become something to critique and dissect. Increasingly, brands are looking for ways to refine their cannabinoid products to ensure that they are purer, and have greater potential in order to attract buyers who expectand demand a quality product. Just as consumers became familiar with the nuances of craft beer, craft cocktails, and marijuana, they’re becoming more and more familiar with CBD. As the popularity of CBD continues to spread, it’s finding an audience outside of young people. Older Americans are finding a use for CBD beyond just a trendy ingredient. 

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Of course, the only real way to understand the popularity is to try CBD for yourself. Here at Axis Labs, we offer one of the best selections of CBD and hemp extract products out there. From gummies to shots, capsules to tinctures, and even powders and topicals, we have a CBD product for everyone! Lab-tested for quality, all of our CBD and hemp extracts are top-notch. Try CBD today and order now!

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