Managing Your Anxiety With The Help Of CBD

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Managing Your Anxiety With The Help Of CBD Axis Labs CBD

Not to cause you any stress, but it’s estimated that one in three Americans deals with anxiety in one form or another at some point in their lives. As more people start to talk about their relationship with anxiety, more people are becoming aware of how it can affect their lives. With so many treatment options being proposed or tried, sometimes with questionable results, some are looking for a more natural way to help manage their anxiety symptoms. With the growing popularity of CBD, there is also a growing body of research suggests that it may be useful in helping to manage anxiety. Join Axis Labs CBD as we explore this connection.

But What About THC?

It’s not uncommon for many people to connect cannabis and mental health and think about medical marijuana. But studies have found and individuals have corroborated that this particular cannabis plant can actually worsen their anxiety. So is CBD any more effective at managing anxiety than THC?

Your body processes these two different compounds in different ways, largely because they interact with different hormones and neurotransmitters. Research suggests that THC triggers the “fight or flight” response within our brains. CBD, on the other hand, can actually help lessen that response. Using CBD-based products may also help to keep your heart and respiratory rates low during events that you might think are stressful.

Which Kinds of Anxiety Does CBD Help?

Like many mental health concerns, anxiety manifests itself in a variety of ways depending on the individual. In some cases, CBD has been used effectively to help them manage their symptoms.

One of the most common types of anxiety is social anxiety. For those with this condition, they may feel that they are being criticized or judged while engaging in social activity. These feelings may lead them to avoid interacting with others entirely. But a study from 2010 noted that CBD may be useful in limiting your anxious feelings well in social situations.

Another common form of anxiety is general anxiety. This is a perfect pervasive sense of worry or concern that an individual may not have any control over. Fortunately, a 2011 study found that CBD has anxiolytic properties. Essentially, these properties prevent our brains from interpreting our emotions as anxious. The study compared the reactions of patients who had taken a dosage of CBD with patients who would use the placebo. Ultimately patients who used CBD noted lower levels of subjective anxiety throughout the day.

Including CBD and Your Anxiety Treatment Plan

If you’re living with anxiety you may benefit from the addition of CBD products into your anxiety treatment plan. Meet with your doctor and see if this compound will offer you positive effects. In some cases, it could interact negatively with other medications you are taking so it’s important to meet with the doctor before using CBD.

If you’re looking for CBD to help manage your anxiety, you found the right place. Axis Labs is a purveyor of fine quality CBD oils, creams, and capsules. Lab tested for purity, we offer some of the best CBD available. Browse our complete collection today and order yours now.


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