Who’s Using CBD and Why?

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Who’s Using CBD and Why? Axis Labs CBD

After the passage of the 2014 and 2018 Farm Bills, hemp-based products seemingly appeared on shelves and in stores everywhere overnight. The “Green Rush,” fueled by the legally available form of cannabis hit the U.S. economy like a freight train, and dozens scrambled to get into the CBD game. The proliferation of CBD products meant that people who had never considered cannabis before, or who’s only familiarity with it was through marijuana, suddenly had a way to enjoy these products safely. 

But what’s creating this spike in popularity? Who’s using CBD and why are they using it? AtAxis Labs, we’ve tailored our line of CBD products to fit a variety of lifestyles and needs. Recently, Gallup releasedan impressive survey that looked at the CBD demographic and explored some of the driving factors behind the Green Rush.

Which Americans Use CBD?

Reviewing the Gallup information, we aren’t surprised by the results. An estimated one in seven Americans say that they’ve used a CBD-based product within a year of the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill. From an age perspective, it’s largely younger Americans that are using these hemp-derived goods. While the survey found that 14% of Americans use CBD, 20% of those users are ages 18 to 29. At older ages, the percentage of users drops noticeably. 16% of Americans aged 30 to 49 have used a CBD product, but just 8% of Americans 65 and up have taken them.

While the demographics surrounding age is interesting, even more so is the regional differences in the usage of CBD. The Western United States is the predominant user of CBD and other hemp products. The survey found that 21% of the respondents in the west had used a CBD product, with 13% in the south having used a CBD product, and just 11% of respondents in the east and midwest having used them.

Taken at a glance, these stats make sense. After all, younger Americans aremore likely to have used marijuana recently than older Americans. As such, their relationship with cannabis products generally is more nuanced, and they might already have some familiarity with CBD to begin with. This familiarity means that they’re more likely to use products that promise similar, or even better, results. The regional differences also make sense. The west has been leading the charge in cannabis research, legalization, and production. Since hemp is easy and affordable to grow, agriculturalists can grow this resilient and useful plant in even the most rugged of western landscapes. With more production and research occurring in the west, it’s no wonder that more people use it there.

Why Are Americans Using CBD?

While the FDAhas not made an official decision about CBD and other hemp-based products, many have used these products for a myriad of reasons, including as anexercise supplement, a way toboost testosterone, or simply toget better rest.

The Gallup poll found similar results. 40% of the respondentsused a CBD product for unspecified pain. This could be things like chronic pain, post-workout pain, or just the general aches and pains of daily life. This makes sense, as much research has been devoted to the study of theanti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of CBD

Another 20% of respondents used CBD tomanage their anxiety. This is one of the most promising fields of study, as researchers have seen a distinct connection between the symptoms of anxiety and the use of CBD. In numerous studies ofgeneral andsocial anxiety, studies have found that CBD helps to lower the subject’s perceived sense of anxiety. We’re excited to see what further research finds, asan estimated 18% of Americans live with an anxiety disorder of some kind.

The Takeaway

The Gallup survey is a great way to put hard stats behind what we already know about CBD. This is an emerging field and people are genuinely excited about what this hemp product has to offer them. Thanks to its versatility, CBD could be an effective part of numerous treatment options (just make sure totalk to your doctor before using it).

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