Can CBD Help You Lose Weight?

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Can CBD Help You Lose Weight? Axis Labs CBD

The uses for CBD are seemingly without limits. It’s a great way to help manage day-to-day concerns like stress, aches and pains, and sleep issues. With the body of research about CBD growing every day, people are looking for more ways to use this cannabis compound. As a provider of high-end CBD products and nutrition supplements, Axis Labs is always exploring how our products can be used together to help you enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

Today we’ll explore the connection between weight and the use of CBD.

Is CBD the Secret to Weight Loss?

CBD has plenty of benefits to offer, and weight loss may be one of them. While the research is still out on this topic, here’s what we do know.

Using CBD Could Help Increase Your Metabolism

Your metabolism is what utilizes the nutrients from your food to support, repair, and energize your body. Some researchers are now suggesting that the use of CBD could help to boost your metabolism, leading to weight loss. In a study of lab rats who were treated with CBD, researchers found that the rats lost weight.

This might be because CBD interacts with the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the lymphoid tissues and brain. These receptors in these spots are thought to be an important part of metabolism. By stimulating these areas, CBD could help to increase your metabolism. More research is needed to support these findings.

You Might Feel Less Hungry While Using CBD

Appetite management is an easy way to help your body lose weight. While many assume that any cannabis product will make them feel hungry (the infamous “munchies” brought on by the use of THC), CBD does not stimulate a hunger response. CBD can influence certain molecules without triggering the CB1 receptor that can lead to increased appetite.

When your appetite is suppressed, you’re less likely to overeat, helping your body lose weight naturally.

CBD Could Help Convert Fats

Your body contains two forms of fat ─ brown and white ─ which serve two different functions. White fat is the primary form of fat, and stores and supplies energy to your body while also protecting your organs. It also is connected to illnesses like heart disease and diabetes. Brown fat generates heat when calories are burned, and healthier people typically have a higher brown fat content in their body.

White fat can be turned into brown fat with simple steps, like getting regular exercise and sleeping enough. CBD can help in both of these processes. It has been connected to helping people recover from workouts and can help lull you to sleep.

The Risk of Metabolic Disorders May be Minimized

Excess weight is closely tied to metabolic issues like diabetes, elevated blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Some research argues that the over-stimulation of the CB receptors in your endocannabinoid system may be responsible for this. CBD could help to block CB1 receptors, which could then lead to a reduction in weight gain, thereby limiting the risk of developing a metabolic disorder. The natural antioxidants within CBD products can also help to reduce cholesterol, and blood sugar levels.

So What’s the Verdict?

After reviewing the evidence, we believe that CBD has the potential to be an effective natural weight loss supplement when paired together with regular exercise and a healthy diet. We’re excited to see what further research has to say about the connection between CBD and weight loss, and will update you when we find out more. Curious to see how weight loss can help your body in other ways? Explore how testosterone and CBD are linked and how they can help you reach your fitness goals.

Until then, you can include CBD in your lifestyle easily with our impressive lineup of products. We offer natural pain relief creams, CBD oils, capsules, and even gummies! Order your lab tested Axis Labs CBD products today.

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