Understanding Your Insomnia

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Understanding Your Insomnia Axis Labs CBD

Understanding Your Insomnia

It seems that it’s harder than ever to get a decent night’s sleep. With the availability of 24-hour shopping, the omnipresence of cell phones, and endless TV channels to peruse, there are a million reasons to stay awake all night. While many people deliberately choose to keep themselves from sleep with these distractions, the reality is that many people simply cannot fall asleep on their own, even if they are free from distraction. This is because these people are suffering from insomnia, a condition that makes it difficult for people to fall or stay asleep. While many chemicals and medications are offered as a way to manage insomnia, Axis Labs has found a natural way to treat your insomnia through the power of Hemp.

What Is Insomnia?

Insomnia is the most common sleeping disorder in the United States, with an estimated 40 million Americans experiencing insomnia annually Generally speaking, insomnia is when someone struggles to fall asleep or stay asleep. Those suffering from insomnia generally feel like the quality and quantity of their sleep is unsatisfactory, and as a result often feel fatigue, low energy levels, struggle to concentrate, and feel moody. Insomnia can impact an individual’s performance at work or school and keep them from engaging with their work or studies fully.

There is acute insomnia, which occurs over a brief period and is generally connected to life events that leave people feeling stressed or anxious. This might include major decisions, exams, getting bad news. Acute insomnia is often treated by simply managing your emotional response. There is also chronic insomnia, which is when sleep is interrupted at least three nights per week and lasts a period of three months. Chronic insomnia has many more factors that contribute to this extended period of interrupted sleep. Treatment for chronic insomnia is far more involved than treating cases of acute insomnia. Generally, medications, therapy, or a combination of treatments are used.

What Causes Insomnia?

Insomnia can be the result of a wide variety of factors. For some, feelings of stress and anxiety or depression can keep individuals from falling asleep. In other cases, changes in work schedules or in environment (like moving into a new home) can keep people up. Some medical conditions and treatments may prevent restful sleep. Of course, there are also poor sleep habits to blame, especially with more and more people using electronic devices like smartphones and tablets before bed.

How Can Full Spectrum Hemp Help?

With all of this in mind, more and more people are looking for natural remedies for their sleeplessness. This has led to a proliferation of studies into the effects of Hemp on sleep. Full spectrum hemp are sourced from hemp plants and are being used to treat a growing number of conditions and illnesses, including insomnia. But what does it really do?

Studies over the last several decades have shown that Hemp has natural pain-reducing and anti-inflammatory effects on the body. This is because CBD interacts directly with the body’s pain receptors in the brain. Because it interacts with the body directly, CBD can impact many of the body’s functions. This is in part because the body already produces their own cannabinoids as part of the endocannabinoid system. This system helps the body to manage its psychological processes, like mood, pain, appetite, and thought.

CBD And Sleep

Recently, there has been particular interest in the scientific community as to the effects of CBD on sleep. Several studies have tested the application of CBD in small amounts and measured the impact on quality and quantity of sleep as a result. One study found that CBD has the ability to improve the amount of sleep that an individual may get, as the total percentage of sleep significantly increased with the use of a CBD product. Another study found that CBD had a measurable impact on those who reported suffering from insomnia. Subjects in the study reported that they slept significantly more than they had before taking a CBD product. While some reported a sense of grogginess the next day, CBD has also been found to treat feelings of daytime sleepiness. Ultimately, by addressing daytime sleepiness, patients are better able to fall asleep later in the evening or at night.

Why is hemp effective in helping people fall, and stay asleep? Many researchers suggest it’s due to hemps anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory properties. Many people who suffer from insomnia blame their condition on their emotions keeping them awake. Stress from work, social situations, or at home keep people up at night, worrying and thinking. This creates a cycle where they start the next day with low-energy and feel like their problems are only aggravated. Similarly, many with insomnia link their suffering to chronic or acute pain they feel throughout the day and night. CBD targets the parts of the brain and nervous system that deals with both of these issues and helps to alleviate the symptoms. The result is that patients who take CBD-based products are more relaxed, and feel less pain, allowing their body to drift to sleep more readily.

Improving Sleep With Hemp Oil

Researchers understand that sleep is divided into stages and cycles that serve different purposes. Your body behaves differently throughout these stages, and each serves a different purpose. CBD research has found that the cannabinoid affects the third phase of the sleep cycle or the “deep sleep” phase. CBD increases the amount of time you spend in this cycle. Additionally, it decreased the amount of time spent in the REM stage, which is the dreaming phase. By limiting the amount of time spent in the dreaming phase, those who take CBD products may be increasing the amount of deep sleep they get, thereby getting a higher quality of sleep each night.


While more research is being conducted into the relationship between CBD, better sleep, and managing insomnia, initial studies are very promising, and many show a clear link between the use of CBD and getting a better night’s sleep. Some are already embracing CBD as a way to possibly enhance their sleep.

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