The Balance Between Diet and CBD

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The Balance Between Diet and CBD Axis Labs CBD

Perhaps now more than ever, people are aware of the effect their diet has on their overall sense of wellbeing. As a result, people are making more careful decisions about their dietary choices, eschewing things like cheap fast food in favor of “super” foods like kale, quinoa, and supporting supplements. Popular diet trends, like the ketogenic diet, have exploded into the popular consciousness because of their effectiveness.

Riding alongside the growing wave of dietary consciousness is the expanding popularity of cannabidiol or CBD. Praised for its myriad uses, CBD and other hemp-based products are being added to more and more products and lifestyles. It’s only natural then that people would be curious about the effects that CBD can have on your dieting efforts. 

Here at Axis Labs, we’re all about helping you live a happier and healthier life. It’s why we offer premium CBD and nutrition supplements. So let’s take a look at how CBD impacts your dieting strategies.

Hemp in the Human Diet

First, it’s important to recognize that the hemp plant itself has been a part of the human diet probably since the first time that humans cultivated the plant in any meaningful way. The seeds of the hemp plant can be eaten on their own or pressed to create an oil. It’s not uncommon to find hemp being added to more and more meals as the plant grows in popularity.

Adding CBD to your diet then doesn’t seem like as much of a stretch.

Yes, CBD Has Calories

Of course, a major part of any diet plan is the management of calories. While we might not think that CBD has a calorie count, it actually does. That’s because even products like CBD extracts are made with carrier agents from oils like MCT or coconut. Even hemp-based oils are rich in calories. It’s estimated that hemp oil has about 126 calories and 14g of fat in every tablespoon. But it’s rare that you’ll be consuming that much CBD in one go.

If you’re concerned about the calorie count of your CBD products, don’t panic. We’ve listed these calories on the back of each of our packages so you can find the right product to meet your calorie and dietary needs.

CBD and Your Favorite Drinks

For some CBD connoisseurs, taking CBD products on their own isn’t always appealing. Some complain of the distinct earthy taste of the hemp-derived compound, and so products like a CBD tincture might be difficult to enjoy on its own. Fortunately, CBD can be readily added to a wide variety of foods and drinks. 

CBD infused beverages are becoming a common sight at coffee shops, bars, and breweries across the country. That’s because everyone from coffee to beer snobs is enjoying some of the benefits that the cannabis compound has to offer.

For instance, when added to coffee, CBD can help you experience fewer jitters, those post-coffee cramps, and lessen the feeling of caffeine headaches. At the same time, you might notice that the focus that coffee offers you is enhanced by the presence of the CBD. You might feel more stable as well. When enjoyed in low doses, CBD can actually work as a stimulant, which can heighten the effects of your morning cup of coffee.

CBD is Affected By Food

We all react differently to the food that we ingest. Our bodies do a better or worse job of processing these nutrients based on our unique nutritional needs and genetic makeup. But some research suggests that your reaction to CBD may also be impacted by the foods you eat.

A2019 study published in Epilepsia studied how the bodies of the subjects absorbed CBD after a meal. Eight participants were divided into two groups. The first was asked to take their CBD product as soon as they woke up. They were asked to eat breakfast four hours later. The second group ate a heavy breakfast burrito just 30 minutes after taking their CBD dose. 

The study produced some interesting results. Through blood analysis, it found that food impacts the body’s ability to absorb CBD. Researchers found that the participants would absorb four times as much CBD when they ate quickly after taking CBD. Ultimately, the study argued that CBD could be taken with food to help maximize the effects of the compound.

So How Do You Include CBD in Your Diet?

We know that CBD can be added to our food and drink and that doing so can actually amplify its effects, so how do we do it? One of the reasons CBD has become so popular is because of its flexibility. From gummy bears to bacon-flavored drops, CBD can be added to seemingly anything, so adding it to your next culinary creation seems like an obvious choice.

You can add CBD to nearly any dish, just keep a few tips in mind.

CBD is heat sensitive. That means that temperatures over 320 degrees Fahrenheit can begin to break down some of the active components within the compound. Also, CBD can begin to evaporate between 320 and 350 degrees. This means that CBD might not be great for your next open flame BBQ.

A little goes a long way when it comes to CBD. Make sure you add just a little CBD to your dish when you first start experimenting. Too much and you might experience a pronounced earthy, or in some cases, bitter, taste in your meal. Just like figuring out your particular dose of CBD, you can slowly add more to your meals over time.

CBD is a great source of essential fatty acids, and by using fats in your meals, you can help increase the bioavailability of the compound. Try mixing your CBD with products like oils or butter. 

CBD goes really well with sweet and savory flavors (which is why it tastes great in our gummies and Pina Colada shots). This makes it great for things like sauces, dressings, and soups. You can even drizzle your CBD oils over a meal so it serves as its own dressing.

Make CBD Part of Your Life Today

CBD has a lot to offer you. More than just a simple gummy treat or topical, it can be added to your favorite meals to add a fresh twist. When you’re ready to make CBD a part of your regular diet or health and wellness routine, make sure to try the top-shelf quality products from Axis Labs. Sourced from hemp grown at organic farms, we subject all of our products to a rigorous battery of third-party lab tests to ensure that our CBD meets our purity and potency standards

Check out our complete line up of CBD products and order yours today!

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