CBD And Hemp Myths

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CBD And Hemp Myths Axis Labs CBD

With recent changes in legislation, hemp and CBD have become the focus of much attention across the United States. But like anything that quickly becomes popular, hemp extracts like CBD have become the subject of many myths and much misinformation. Here at Axis Labs, we only offer our customers the finest in CBD oils, capsules, and creams. Part of that offer also means helping our customers learn more about the products they’re using and how they might help them. So let’s address some of the more common myths that surround CBD and hemp right now.

MYTH: CBD Can Lead To Hallucinations

Perhaps this myth is more wishful thinking on the part of some, but in reality, CBD does not cause you to "see things." That’s because CBD is not the same as the psychoactive compound THC that’s found in marijuana. However, taking CBD has been shown to stimulate some individual’s levels of dopamine and serotonin which helps to promote a "feel good" sense. While you might not see things while taking CBD, you might have a better outlook on life.

MYTH: The More CBD You Take, The More Effects You Feel

While we’d love to be able to tell you that if you take this much CBD, you’ll experience these effects, that just isn’t true. The reality is that everyone reacts to CBD differently, and that taking more CBD doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll experience more benefits or even any benefits any faster. There is a certain "sweet spot" for CBD doses that are individual to each of us. You can find out more in our blog about finding the right CBD dosage for you.

MYTH: CBD Is Only For Pain

CBD has received much acclaim for its use in helping to manage pain alongside other prescribed treatment methods. However, CBD has been shown to do more than just address chronic pain. Individuals have found promising results in using CBD to help address conditions like anxiety and depression, inflammation, some sleep disorders, multiple sclerosis and even some skin conditions like acne.

MYTH: CBD Is An Under-Studied Resource

Perhaps because it comes from hemp and is closely associated with "alternative," or even "granola" lifestyles, many assume that the benefits of CBD are being blown up without any supporting research. However, the opposite is quite true. There is an immense amount of research being poured into the effectiveness of CBD and uses for the compound. For instance, the Mayo Clinic conducted a study on the use of CBD to help treat epilepsy in children, and was a first in the field to look at the relationship between the compound and the condition. Of course, with industrial hemp becoming legal to grow and use in all 50 states, there will undoubtedly be more time and energy spent researching the many uses of this compound.

MYTH: You Need A Prescription To Get CBD

The focus on medical marijuana in recent years has created a false assumption that any cannabis-derived product needs a doctor’s prescription to use. Fortunately, this myth doesn’t hold any truth. Industrial hemp-derived CBD is legal to use in every state without the need for a prescription. However, we always suggest that you meet with a doctor to discuss the use of CBD before you include it in your healthy lifestyle.

MYTH: Hemp Oil And CBD Oil Are The Same

While both of these oils may be derived from the same plant, they are quite distinct. Hemp oil is usually made from the seeds of the hemp plant and is more akin to olive oil than anything else. It’s a great source of fatty acids, making it a common addition to the diets of those who follow vegetarian or vegan diets. CBD oil, however, is extracted using special techniques that target this compound specifically.

MYTH: All CBD Products Are The Same

This is akin to saying that all cars are the same just because they have four wheels. While all CBD products may make use of the same compound, they are all extracted in different ways, and quality controlled to different degrees. The result is that some products are superior to others. For instance, to ensure that we’re offering nothing but the highest quality and most potent CBD products on the market, Axis Labs sends our CBD to a third-party lab for testing (check our results here). It’s how we separate our products from our competitors and to help you get the results that you’re seeking. Whether you’re looking to include CBD as part of your morning routine with a simple hemp extract capsule, or to target pain with a pain relief cream, the CBD products from Axis Labs can help you do just that. Browse our catalog today to find the right CBD oils and more for you!

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