All Of Your FAQs About CBD (Part 3)

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All Of Your FAQs About CBD (Part 3) Axis Labs CBD

Since expanding our offerings of quality CBD products, we’ve been inundated with more questions about CBD than ever before. In order to address all of them, and to keep our customers informed, we’ve put together this multi-part blog series that address some of the most common questions we’ve gotten. In the last two blog posts, we covered things like what CBD stands for, and if you can overdose on it. Today, Axis Labs will explore a few more of your most pressing questions, offering straightforward and useful answers for you!

Which CBD Products Are the Best?

The obvious answer, of course, is the CBD and hemp oil products offered by Axis Labs, but there’s a little more nuance to this answer than that. Realistically, there are so many CBD products now available that customers have the luxury of asking, "Which CBD product is best for me?" From body oils and creams to capsules and gummies, there are dozens of ways to include CBD into your healthy lifestyle. You might find that one form of CBD is more natural for you to use, or that another type of hemp oil helps you get the results you’re looking for. It’s best to try a few different products and see how they help you achieve the results you want.

When Will I Feel the Effects of CBD?

There’s a lot of factors that influence this answer. Everyone’s body is set up differently, and that means we all react to CBD differently. Your friend who takes a CBD capsule might feel the effects in as little as an hour, while it might take a few hours for you to feel the same way. The type of product, the dosage, and your distinct body chemistry influence how quickly you react to CBD. Typically, CBD users have found that the effects set in somewhere between 15 minutes and two hours after taking their dose of a CBD product.

Can I Drive After Taking CBD?

While it’s strongly recommended to avoid driving after taking any THC-based product, you should be able to operate a vehicle safely after taking CBD. Of course, depending on your reaction to CBD, you might feel tired after taking a hemp-based product. Before you drive or operate machinery, it’s best to measure your reaction to CBD and make a sound decision. It’s a good idea to avoid driving until then.

Can CBD Interact With My Other Medications

Your body is naturally ready to absorb CBD thanks to your endocannabinoid system. However, that doesn’t mean it can cause a reaction to your other medications. When taken in low dosages, it’s like that CBD will not interfere with the intended effects of your other medications. However, any time you add a new product to your daily routine, it’s important to connect with your doctor and discuss the effects it could have and how it could change your body’s response to your existing medication regimen. In some cases, there are CBD-drug interactions that may cause unwanted side effects.

Can You Drink Alcohol While Using CBD?

There is limited research into the connection between CBD and alcohol use. However, one study found that when taken together, subjects who used CBD while drinking had lower blood alcohol levels. Another study found that using CBD while drinking resulted in less damage to the liver. But because both products are "downers" they can result in a greater feeling or sense of intoxication. This can lower inhibitions, which leads to a host of other problems. It’s advised that you avoid drinking alcohol or using CBD within four to eight hours of each other.

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