Making Axis Labs an Essential Part of Your Daily Routine

We’ve all got our daily routines. It usually involves some combination of groaning at the sound of an alarm clock, cleaning ourselves up, getting dressed and fed, and then starting the day. While your regular routine might look a little different from this, we all recognize that we could do a little more to make the most of each day.

Fortunately,Axis Labs has designed an entire suite of products designed to help you do just that. More than justsports supplements andmore than just CBD, we’ve created products that can be added to nearly every lifestyle out there. Our products are enjoyed by men and women of all ages, and help them lead the kind of lives they’re excited about. Here are a few ways you can add Axis Labs products to your daily routine.

Products for Every Lifestyle

Now more than ever, people are looking for effective ways to care for themselves, be it mind or their body. People arejoining gyms at a record pace, more people arebecoming aware of their mental health, and people are looking fornatural ways to care for their health and wellness. For these reasons, and many more, Axis Labs has created a collection of products that fit into any lifestyle. From exercise enthusiasts to those who just need a little something to help get through the day and everything in between.

Sports and Exercise

Whether you’ve been a life-long athlete, an avid weekend warrior, or you're just starting along a path toward physical fitness, we all know the value of getting a good workout in. Or do we? Surprisingly, theDepartment of Health and Human Services estimates that just 5% of American adults get 30 minutes of physical activity each day. If that isn’t shocking enough, only one in three gets the recommended amount of physical activity each week.

Motivation To Help You Do More

So what’s keeping people from getting out and exercising?Harvard Health suggests for most, it’s that exercise is just easy to avoid, or that they lack the energy to do so. 

So how do you get over that feeling? Part of it is you just have to make exercise a habit, that makes ithard to avoid. But even if you’re a regular at the gym, sometimes it can be difficult to go if you’re “just not feeling it.” That’s wherea quality pre-workout product comes in. These sports supplements are formulated to help improve your performance at the gym, and yes, they may even help you get there in the first place. That’s because a quality pre-workout, like ourHAILSTORM powder, uses just enough caffeine to alert your mind and sharpen your senses.

Maintain the Gains

Of course, another reason that some don’t exercise regularly is that they are dismayed that their results don’t appear sooner, or leave faster than they’d like. If you’ve been crushing it day after day at the gym and nothing’s changing, it might be time to enlist a little health.That’s where acreatine supplement comes into play. Creatine is a great source of ATP, which helps muscles contract quickly. It also plays a role in helping muscles and tissues store energy for later. This leads to increased muscle hypertrophy, or size, and strength. The creatine essentially allows more water to be stored in our muscles, which helps them maintain their size and strength. A little creatine in your pre- or post-workout shake might be a great way to get that cut look a little sooner.

Rest, Recover, Rally

Of course, rest and recovery are almost as important as the actual exercise. Once you’ve figured out a regular exercise routine that works for you, it’s easy to get caught up in the idea that more exercise is better. But there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Working out too much can result in poor performance, mood swings, sore muscles, and even lowered motivation. That’s why it’s important to use a recovery product like ourCBD+BCAA powder. This unique blend of our premium full-spectrum CBD and plant-based amino acids help to limit inflammation in your muscles and joints, help you stay hydrated, and enhance your recovery efforts. This makes every break you take a period of active recovery.

Success Stacks

When it comes to giving your body everything it needs to crush it at the gym, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better system thana supplement stack. Axis Labs has created a series of stacks that appeal to different users and are tailored to meet different needs. For instance, using a pre-workout stack not only primes your body for exercise, but sustains you through your exercise routines. There are also intra-workout stacks you can use while you exercise to help you increase the duration of your workout, and the results. Finally, a post-workout stack helps to accelerate your recovery time. This boosts your gains, and accelerates the rate at which your body repairs itself.

Self-Care and Wellness

Self-care is far more than just a trend. It’s becoming a major part of the identity of many Americans. As many Americans realize the value of investing in both their mental and physical health, it’s changing the way they shop, recreate, and interact with others. It’s no wonder then that nearly 20% of Americans aged 18-29 have started using some kind of CBD product in their day-to-day lives.

Anxiety Management 

One of the reasons CBD is so popular is thatit offers a little something for everyone. For instance, it’s found favor with those who live with and manage feelings of anxiety. Anxiety disorders affectnearly 40 million American adults every year, so it’s no wonder that so many find comfort in the reportedanxiolytic effects of CBD. Studies from2010 and2011 found that participants who took even a small dose of CBD reported less pronounced feelings of anxiety. This helped them manage social situations with ease, and even just go about their daily lives more merrily. 

Natural Pain Relief

Finding relief from pain is a seemingly endless pursuit for some Americans. The CDC estimates that about50 million Americans deal with chronic pain of some kind. Rather than turn to harmful opioids or NSAIDS that can have unwanted side-effects, many Americans now use a premium CBD topical to manage their pain. That’s because CBD hasanalgesic properties, which could help to limit how you experience pain.

Rest Easy with CBD

If that wasn’t enough, there’s a growing body of evidence to suggest that CBD could be a great way to get a better night of rest. TheSleep Foundation notes thatinsomnia is one of the most common problems for adults. Roughly 30 percent of the population struggle to get the kind of sleep they need. Insomnia could be the result of stress, poor sleep hygiene, or just racing thoughts. Fortunately, there’s no need to lose sleep about how CBD will affect your sleep habits. The same anxiety and pain relieving properties that many seek out CBD for also help them get more sleep. Essentially, CBD may help to coax your brain into a more relaxed state, making it easier to fall asleep. Additionally, CBD could help you stay in the deep sleep phase of your sleep cycle, improving your quality of sleep.

CBD Offers Something for Everyone

Everyone reacts differently to CBD, meaning that your best friend might use it for different reasons than your grandma does. Unlike other supplements, CBD can be used as needed, andyou can tailor how much you take to meet your particular needs and interests. Since our CBD is made usinga proprietary extraction method, you can rest assured that you’re getting nothing but high-end CBD, free of any THC. This extract is then used in each and everyone of our CBD products. Whether you’re adding a scope of our CBD Boost powder to your morning cup of coffee, taking a handful of gummies with lunch, or even offering a CBD oil to your dog, you can rest assured that you’re using one of the most pure and potent CBD extracts on the market.

It’s for these reasons that so many people love adding CBD to their self-care and wellness routines. They feel empowered to take charge of their health, and are using a product that’s all-natural. There’s no need to worry about any caustic chemicals, unexpected side-effects, or unwanted sense of being “stoned,” andthere’s no risk of overdosing

Weight Loss

Ask anyone you meet and they’ll tell you they could stand to lose a couple pounds. And we’re not just making that up. The CDC has found that nearly half of all Americans have tried to lose weight in the last year. But just because everyone wants to do it doesn’t mean that they’re successful at it. Diets come and go, motivation waxes and wanes. That’s why it’s important to have some support when you need it most. Axis Labs has a collection of weight loss products that are made with high-end ingredients and proven formulas to help you lose weight for good.

Lose Fat Fast

There’s no denying that losing weight is tricky, especially when the American diet is rich in added sugars and carbs. Junk food might taste great, but it’s called junk for a reason.Fat Bomb is our latest addition and easily one of our most popular. Fat Bomb is designed to help you manage those sugar cravings while also curbing your weight. Made using all organic, grass-fed beef bone broth, Fat Bomb is an incredible source of healthy fats, and more importantly, protein. When you use a product like Fat Bomb, rather than relying on cheap sugars to give your body the energy it needs, you’ll slowly train it to rely on nutrients like protein and healthy fats instead.  Not only that, but this weight loss product also includes more than 400 other essential fatty acids. 

Enjoy Your Keto Diet

The keto diet is one of the most popular dieting trends in recent memory and for good reason. This diet relies on the healthy foods you should be eating anyway, while eliminating unnecessary and unwanted carbs. But that switch your body makes from using sugar for energy to healthy fats can bechallenging sometimes. With low energy levels, more stress, and limited muscle strength, some shy away from the diet at the first signs ofthe keto flu.

But if you approach the keto diet the right way, and use a quality supplement, like our KETORUSH, it can actually beeasier than many would have you believe. That’s because the keto diet really prioritizes healthy, and more importantly, tasty foods. Leafy greens, red and white meats, eggs, cheeses, and nuts are all part of the keto diet. A supplement like KETORUSH can help your body enter the fat burning ketosis state sooner. That’s because this keto product contains beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) salts. These are exogenous ketones that stimulate your body into starting ketosis. 

Ultimately, keto is a great way to lose weight effectively, while also changing your dietary habits. You’ll feel less hungry, enjoy increased energy, a better appearance, and you’ll maintain these benefits longer than by crash dieting.

Make Axis Labs Part of Your Life Today

We’re all trying to accomplish different things and live different lifestyles. Lucky for you, there’s just one set of products that can help you with whatever you need! Axis Labs has taken years of industry experience, proven formulas, and premium ingredients to create products that can be a part of anyone’s regular routines. 

Two Sites to Choose From

We’ve made it easy to find the products you need by offering two distinct websites. Axis Labs is your source for high-end and potent sports and nutrition supplements. The Axis Labs CBD site is the only place you’ll find all of our full-spectrum CBD. So whether you’re buying a pre-workout for the next time you hit the gym, or a CBD tincture to use to help you study for an exam, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best products available.