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Who’s Using CBD and Why?

Who’s Using CBD and Why?

After the passage of the 2014 and 2018 Farm Bills, hemp-based products seemingly appeared on shelves and in stores everywhere overnight. The “Green Rush,” fueled by the legally available form of cannabis hit the U.S. economy like a freight train, and dozens scrambled to get into the CBD game. The proliferation of CBD products meant that people who had never considered cannabis before, or who’s only familiarity with it was through marijuana, suddenly had a way to enjoy these products safely. 

But what’s creating this spike in popularity? Who’s using CBD and why are they using it? At Axis Labs, we’ve tailored our line of CBD products to fit a variety of lifestyles and needs. Recently, Gallup released an impressive survey that looked at the CBD demographic and explored some of the driving factors behind the Green Rush.

Which Americans Use CBD?

Reviewing the Gallup information, we aren’t surprised by the results. An estimated one in seven Americans say that they’ve used a CBD-based product within a year of the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill. From an age perspective, it’s largely younger Americans that are using these hemp-derived goods. While the survey found that 14% of Americans use CBD, 20% of those users are ages 18 to 29. At older ages, the percentage of users drops noticeably. 16% of Americans aged 30 to 49 have used a CBD product, but just 8% of Americans 65 and up have taken them.

While the demographics surrounding age is interesting, even more so is the regional differences in the usage of CBD. The Western United States is the predominant user of CBD and other hemp products. The survey found that 21% of the respondents in the west had used a CBD product, with 13% in the south having used a CBD product, and just 11% of respondents in the east and midwest having used them.

Taken at a glance, these stats make sense. After all, younger Americans are more likely to have used marijuana recently than older Americans. As such, their relationship with cannabis products generally is more nuanced, and they might already have some familiarity with CBD to begin with. This familiarity means that they’re more likely to use products that promise similar, or even better, results. The regional differences also make sense. The west has been leading the charge in cannabis research, legalization, and production. Since hemp is easy and affordable to grow, agriculturalists can grow this resilient and useful plant in even the most rugged of western landscapes. With more production and research occurring in the west, it’s no wonder that more people use it there.

Why Are Americans Using CBD?

While the FDA has not made an official decision about CBD and other hemp-based products, many have used these products for a myriad of reasons, including as an exercise supplement, a way to boost testosterone, or simply to get better rest.

The Gallup poll found similar results. 40% of the respondents used a CBD product for unspecified pain. This could be things like chronic pain, post-workout pain, or just the general aches and pains of daily life. This makes sense, as much research has been devoted to the study of the anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of CBD

Another 20% of respondents used CBD to manage their anxiety. This is one of the most promising fields of study, as researchers have seen a distinct connection between the symptoms of anxiety and the use of CBD. In numerous studies of general and social anxiety, studies have found that CBD helps to lower the subject’s perceived sense of anxiety. We’re excited to see what further research finds, as an estimated 18% of Americans live with an anxiety disorder of some kind.

The Takeaway

The Gallup survey is a great way to put hard stats behind what we already know about CBD. This is an emerging field and people are genuinely excited about what this hemp product has to offer them. Thanks to its versatility, CBD could be an effective part of numerous treatment options (just make sure to talk to your doctor before using it).

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Can You Use CBD as a Pre-Workout?

Can You Use CBD as a Pre-Workout?

Your pre-workout supplements play a huge role in your exercise habits. Most pre-workout supplements are designed to offer you a quick boost of energy before you hit the gym. But unless you’re using a high-quality pre-workout formula, you might just be putting a bunch of caffeine into your body. 

So if you’re looking for a natural alternative to your pre-workouts, what options do you have? Hemp-based options, like CBD, are actually a great choice for those looking for an effective pre-workout supplement.

CBD as an Exercise Enhancement Option

The use of CBD in exercise routines isn’t new. Many athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all levels now use CBD and other hemp-based products as a regular part of their health and wellness routines. This cannabis compound is remarkable for its reported anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic effects. A product like CBD could help you fight through muscle fatigue or find the focus to get the most out of your next trip to the gym.

So it’s only natural that many would use CBD as a pre-workout.

Taking CBD Before Exercise

Many assume that a cannabis product of any kind will leave them feeling lethargic and unfocused. In reality, they’re confusing the psychoactive effects of THC with the useful benefits of CBD. 

In some cases, CBD has actually been shown to help you feel brighter and more alert when taken in low doses. Rather than reach for that energy drink, add a drop of CBD oil to your pre-workout shake instead. You might find that you’ll have the energy you need to get started in your workout and persist through the end of your sets and reps.

Many also use CBD in their pre-workout in order to enhance their endurance. There’s some evidence to suggest that your body needs a balanced endocannabinoid system in order to release the endorphins you feel during exercise. So if you’re looking to get that “runner’s high” sooner in the gym, offering your body and ECS a proper dose of CBD could be just what you need. 

In addition to getting to that “feel good” state faster, some appreciate how CBD may play a role in keeping them from getting tired earlier in the workout. That’s because researchers argue that CBD has notable anti-inflammatory properties. Essentially, full-spectrum CBD products are packed with tons of vitamins and nutrients, including Omega 3 and Omega 6. These essential fatty acids have been shown to limit muscle soreness and swelling and can help with recovery as well.

For those who are caffeine sensitive, taking a pre-workout supplement might just leave them feeling jittery and weak during their workouts, rather than focused and fit. This makes CBD a great option for them. Several studies have found that CBD can have a stabilizing effect on your mood, it’s one reason that researchers are exploring using the cannabis compound as a treatment option for those with anxiety.

Which CBD Product Should You Take as Part of Your Pre-Workout?

There’s no denying the promise that CBD offers to athletes, but how should you use it before you exercise? You’ll need to consider the various types of CBD products available, determine the right dosage for your needs, and also factor in the bioavailability of each product.

Determining the right CBD dose takes a little bit of experimentation, and is entirely unique to you. Basically, you’ll have to use a small dosage of your particular CBD product, and slowly increase the amount you take until you achieve your desired results.

Bioavailability is how much CBD is introduced to your bloodstream after you take a given product. Some CBD products have a higher degree of bioavailability than others. For example, vaping CBD offers the most bioavailability, and you might feel the effects in as little as 15 minutes. Other products, like a CBD gummy, has to break down in the stomach, meaning the bioavailability is lower, and the effects can be felt about two hours after consumption.  

Add Premium CBD to Your Pre-Workout Today

Enjoy all that high-quality, cold-extracted CBD has to offer and check out the Axis Labs collection of CBD products. From hemp oil for pain to tasty gummies, and even a CBD powder, we’ve got everything you need to make the most of your pre-workout supplements. Check out our lab test results and find out more about our quality control process, then order your own CBD supplements!

Everything You Need to Know About CBD Edibles

Everything You Need to Know About CBD Edibles

We are living during the age of the Great Cannabis Revolution. As legal reform sweeps through states and at the federal level, this infinitely useful plant is making its way into more goods and services every day. Cannabis, in particular, hemp, can be found in a myriad of products, everything from drops and oils to softgels and powders. One of the most popular options for consuming CBD is through edibles like our gummies.

But in the context of shifting legalization, there’s a lot of confusion surrounding the term edibles and what they’re used for. At Axis Labs, we’re all about providing you food for thought, so let’s take a look at everything you need to know about CBD edibles.

What is a CBD Edible?

At its most basic, an edible is a food or snack that's been infused with CBD. You’ll find a huge variety of CBD edibles, including chocolates, cakes, syrups, honey, granola bars, cookies, and of course, gummies!

For the most part, these foods are made in the same way they always are, the only real difference being the addition of a hemp extract. This means that you can enjoy your favorite treats but with the added benefit of CBD. 

Will Edibles Get Me “High?”

Not all edibles are created equal, and this is especially the case for cannabis edibles. Often, when someone thinks of the word “edible,” they might immediately think about “special” brownies that have been made with marijuana. In this case, yes, edibles made from marijuana, and the psychoactive THC compound will get you high.

But CBD cannot get you high at all, even when made into a gummy or cake. That’s because cannabidiol is non-psychoactive, meaning you won’t experience any unwanted feelings of being disoriented or feeling “stoned.” In fact, CBD actually helps to neutralize the effects of CBD, keeping you from getting high. It’s also important to remember that to be cultivated, refined, and sold here in the U.S., hemp has to have a THC percentage of less than 0.3%. This ensures that any high-quality CBD product cannot get you high.

Why Edibles are Great for New CBD Users

We like CBD because nearly anyone can integrate it into their health and wellness routines without issue. But with so many different CBD products on the market, why would you choose an edible over something like an oil? There are a few reasons actually.

Hemp has a distinctly earthy taste and texture to it. When distilled into products like an oil or a softgel, this taste can be noticeable. Not everyone enjoys the taste of hemp, but they still want to enjoy everything CBD has to offer them. A CBD edible masks those distinct flavor profiles, providing you with all of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that hemp-derived extracts are known without the distinct taste.

CBD edibles are great for those who are looking for long-lasting effects. When you think about CBD, you have to think about the bioavailability of the CBD product. For instance, inhaling CBD has a high bioavailability, meaning the effects can be felt very quickly after inhaling. While this is great for some, it’s less so for others. Ingesting CBD through an edible means that the effects are more gradual. Your body’s digestive system has to process the CBD before it can be distributed to your endocannabinoid system. The liver breaks down the CBD, slowly releasing the cannabis compound into your bloodstream as it does. This means that you might feel the effects of your CBD edible in as little as 30 minutes, or up to two hours later. It also means that you’ll experience the effects for a longer period of time as a result.

It’s also easy to take the right dose of CBD when you ingest it through an edible. That’s because unlike an oil or tincture, each edible is made with a precise amount of cannabidiol. This makes it easy to choose how much CBD you’ll ingest with each serving. With greater control over each dose, you can more accurately predict how you’ll react to using CBD.

Plus, edibles are discreet. For those who like to enjoy their CBD products throughout the day, eating something as innocuous as a few gummy bears don’t attract any undue attention. That means you can make a CBD edible a part of your snack breaks or meals. 

Making Your Own CBD Edibles

While it’s certainly easier to use a prepared CBD product like our gummy bears or our shots, you can also make your own CBD edibles at home. We recently covered how to add this cannabis compound to your smoothies, and we’ve even covered how CBD interacts with your keto diet.

The easy way to add CBD to your food is to use either an oil or a powder. These products are versatile enough that you can easily add a drop here or a dash there as you see fit. You can easily add CBD to your food by mixing it with other oils and butter, and make baked goods. Or you can infuse things like chocolate and honey with it. Some even choose to just add a few drops to their favorite condiments for their wraps and sandwiches.

Get Your Premium CBD Edibles from Axis Labs

Excited to try CBD edibles for yourself? Then Axis Labs has just what you’re looking for. We’ve taken our ultra-pure, ultra-potent, cold-extracted CBD, and infused it into tasty and fun treats like our gummies, pina colada shots, and more

We take our CBD seriously. That’s why we follow a rigorous quality control process, and then send our products to a third-party lab to test for purity. Check out the results and then order your Axis Labs CBD!

Smooth Move: Adding CBD To Your Smoothies

Smooth Move: Adding CBD To Your Smoothies

A few years ago, we witnessed one of the greatest cultural and food revolutions in history. Well, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s hard to argue with how quickly the smoothie became a cultural icon in the United States. It seems that overnight, smoothies found their way into grocery stores, dieting books, gyms, and homes, and they’ve held an almost mythic place since then. 

It’s easy to see why. When it comes to beverages, the smoothie is a great way to get a ton of vitamins and minerals all in one tasty beverage. Here at Axis Labs, we’ve got entire product lines designed to fit into any of your favorite smoothie recipes. We also offer a great selection of CBD products, so it only seems natural to pair your favorite smoothie ingredients with our premium hemp-derived products. Let’s take a look at how to get the most value out of adding CBD to smoothies.

The Art of the Healthy Smoothie

While smoothies can be a healthy addition to any diet, the fact is, a lot of the ones you find in stores taste great, but aren’t the healthiest option. It’s not uncommon to find more than 600 calories of sugar and carbs packed into a bottle from the grocery. That makes it important to make healthy smoothies at home, especially if you’re planning on adding CBD to them.

Fortunately, making a healthy smoothie is pretty easy when you keep a few of these tenets in mind. 

Fresh and frozen fruits are your friends. Start with about one cup of fresh-cut fruits, like bananas, mixed berries, apples, peaches, and plums. Frozen fruits add a little more volume to your smoothie thanks to the extra ice and water content. Fruit is a great source of natural sugars, which can be helpful for those with a sweet tooth. These options are also packed full of fiber, which takes longer to digest, ensuring you don’t feel hungry after you finish your drink. Any more than a cup of fruit, however, and you’re adding extra calories and carbs to your smoothie than you might need or want. 

More than just fruits, you should add vegetables to your smoothies too. Sure, the green color might not fit into the idea of a smoothie, but power-packed veggies like kale and spinach make a natural addition to your smoothie. They have antioxidants that help your body fight and resist disease. As an added bonus, the vegetables add body to your smoothie, making it feel more filling and satisfying. If you’re worried about the earthy taste, the bright tones of the fruit do their part to mask the taste. 

Pass on the calorie-rich ice cream and full-fat yogurts that many smoothies use, and instead choose a low- or nonfat yogurt. You could even use cottage cheese. Those offers your smoothie a healthy dose of protein without excess calories. One-half or a full cup of your preferred protein is a great start. You can add other protein providers like whey, peanut proteins, soy, or egg whites to get this important nutrient in your smoothie.

CBD-Infused Smoothies

Adding this useful cannabis compound to your smoothie can offer you a host of benefits. If you haven’t been tracking our other blog posts, people enjoy CBD for the myriad of ways it makes them feel and its litany of uses.

So what’s the best way to add CBD to your smoothies? The first step is to determine how much CBD is right for you. You’ll want to start with a small dose of CBD and measure your reaction. With time, you can slowly increase the dose until you reach your desired results. This is probably best done using a CBD product on its own, but once you know, you can easily add it to your smoothies.

The easiest way to add CBD to your smoothie is to use a tincture. Tinctures use an oil base to carry all of the vitamins and minerals of the CBD. Thanks to its nature, the tincture should readily blend in with the rest of your smoothie. If you’re not crazy about the oily texture of a tincture, you can also use a CBD powder, like our CBD Boost. This acts much in the same way your pre-workout or whey protein powders do, as they blend and mix with the liquids within the smoothie.   

When it comes to what kind of CBD to add to your smoothie, you’ve got two primary options. CBD isolate is a distilled version of the cannabis compound. When you use an isolate, you’re only getting the cannabidiol. This can be valuable for some, but you miss out on the many other nutrients and minerals that a hemp extract has to offer this way. Instead, try using a full-spectrum product. This means that every part of the hemp plant was used to make the CBD, ensuring you get the essential fatty acids and A and D vitamins that hemp is packed full of. Another advantage of using a CBD oil or powder is that they are low in calories, ensuring that your smoothies aren’t being loaded with unnecessary calories. 

Axis Labs Has All of Your Favorite CBD Products

So there you have it. A smoothie can be a great part of your health and wellness routines, and so can hemp extracts!

Always in pursuit of purity and potency, Axis Labs uses an innovative cold extraction method in order to get the best hemp extracts available. From there, we use this premium, full-spectrum oil in all of our CBD products. Add a dash of CBD Boost to your next smoothie, or enjoy your beverage with one of our other products, like our gummies and shots. Browse our complete collection today and order now!

Different CBD Extraction Methods

Different CBD Extraction Methods

One of the unique things about hemp and CBD is its versatility. These products can be used to make a near-endless litany of products and can be cultivated, refined, and crafted in a number of ways. 

But before CBD can be used in products like gummies or pain relief creams, it has to be extracted from the hemp plant itself. Here at Axis Labs, we utilize a cold extraction method that uses ethanol to derive a full-spectrum extract from the hemp plant. That’s not the only extraction method, however, so we thought we’d cover a few of the other methods out there.

Alcohol Extraction

This form of extraction has been used for centuries as a way to draw nutrients and minerals out of plants to create tinctures. With alcohol extraction, alcohol is introduced to the hemp plant and allowed to interact. Over time, the alcohol draws the cannabinoids out of the plant. Typically, a high-proof ethanol is used, as it does not damage the cannabinoids within the hemp. It also helps to suspend the CBD in a liquid that prevents the valuable compound from oxidizing.

This method is prized by CBD companies who aren’t willing to compromise on the quality of their products. In some cases, the alcohol extraction method can be used to create extracts with up to 99% purity. This means that the subsequent CBD products made from this extract will be more potent without needing to use more CBD oil. 

CO2 Extraction

One of the most recent extraction methods to be used, CO2 extraction is expensive and complicated, but when done properly, it can create a CBD oil that’s free of chlorophyll. This extraction method is typically conducted in a closed-loop extractor, a machine with three chambers. The first chamber is filled with pressurized CO2, the second has the hemp plant, and the third chamber separates the final product. CO2 is pumped over the plant, extracting the CBD. The extract then runs to the bottom of the third chamber where it’s collected. 

Many are turning to CO2 extractions despite the added costs. Some argue that the process results in a cleaner product, and does a better job of extracting all of the useful cannabinoids out of the plant. 

Steam Distillation

Like alcohol extraction, steam distillation has been one of the most common extraction methods for centuries. This is one of the most proven forms of extraction out there because it’s fairly simple. 

Hemp is set in a glass flask connected to another glass. As the water heats up, steam moves into the plant flask, forcing the CBD from the hemp. The vapors are condensed into oil and water to collect more of the cannabinoids. Finally, the oil and water are distilled so that the CBD can be had separately from the water. 

However, time hasn’t necessarily made this method better. It takes a huge amount of hemp for this process to yield useful amounts of CBD, and extracting precise CBD amounts from individual plants is challenging with this method. Additionally, if the steam gets too hot, the extract itself can become damaged, ruing the CBD for everyone.

Olive Oil Extraction

This method of extraction is typically done at home by hemp enthusiasts. It’s probably very similar to the processes ancient civilizations would have used to extract CBD. This process is affordable, safe, and simple, making it accessible for nearly anyone. 

The hemp has to be decarboxylated for this to work. Essentially, you’ll have to heat the plant up to a certain temperature for a given amount of time. This activates the chemical compounds within the hemp. Typically, extra virgin olive oil yields the best results. But the main thing to keep in mind is that the end product, a CBD-infused olive oil, is perishable. Your CBD extracts should be stored in a cool, dry place and used soon after they’re produced.

Premium Extraction Methods Yield Premium CBD

When you purchase CBD products from Axis Labs, like our shots or pain relief creams, you can rest assured that you’re getting one of the purest and potent products on the market. That’s because we use a precise and careful extraction method, and then subject all of our extracts and products to a rigorous battery of tests through our third-party lab. You can find the lab results of our products right on our site. 

We encourage you to browse our line of CBD-based goods today. You’ll find tinctures, capsules, gummies, and more!

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