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Smooth Move: Adding CBD To Your Smoothies

Smooth Move: Adding CBD To Your Smoothies

A few years ago, we witnessed one of the greatest cultural and food revolutions in history. Well, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s hard to argue with how quickly the smoothie became a cultural icon in the United States. It seems that overnight, smoothies found their way into grocery stores, dieting books, gyms, and homes, and they’ve held an almost mythic place since then. 

It’s easy to see why. When it comes to beverages, the smoothie is a great way to get a ton of vitamins and minerals all in one tasty beverage. Here at Axis Labs, we’ve got entire product lines designed to fit into any of your favorite smoothie recipes. We also offer a great selection of CBD products, so it only seems natural to pair your favorite smoothie ingredients with our premium hemp-derived products. Let’s take a look at how to get the most value out of adding CBD to smoothies.

The Art of the Healthy Smoothie

While smoothies can be a healthy addition to any diet, the fact is, a lot of the ones you find in stores taste great, but aren’t the healthiest option. It’s not uncommon to find more than 600 calories of sugar and carbs packed into a bottle from the grocery. That makes it important to make healthy smoothies at home, especially if you’re planning on adding CBD to them.

Fortunately, making a healthy smoothie is pretty easy when you keep a few of these tenets in mind. 

Fresh and frozen fruits are your friends. Start with about one cup of fresh-cut fruits, like bananas, mixed berries, apples, peaches, and plums. Frozen fruits add a little more volume to your smoothie thanks to the extra ice and water content. Fruit is a great source of natural sugars, which can be helpful for those with a sweet tooth. These options are also packed full of fiber, which takes longer to digest, ensuring you don’t feel hungry after you finish your drink. Any more than a cup of fruit, however, and you’re adding extra calories and carbs to your smoothie than you might need or want. 

More than just fruits, you should add vegetables to your smoothies too. Sure, the green color might not fit into the idea of a smoothie, but power-packed veggies like kale and spinach make a natural addition to your smoothie. They have antioxidants that help your body fight and resist disease. As an added bonus, the vegetables add body to your smoothie, making it feel more filling and satisfying. If you’re worried about the earthy taste, the bright tones of the fruit do their part to mask the taste. 

Pass on the calorie-rich ice cream and full-fat yogurts that many smoothies use, and instead choose a low- or nonfat yogurt. You could even use cottage cheese. Those offers your smoothie a healthy dose of protein without excess calories. One-half or a full cup of your preferred protein is a great start. You can add other protein providers like whey, peanut proteins, soy, or egg whites to get this important nutrient in your smoothie.

CBD-Infused Smoothies

Adding this useful cannabis compound to your smoothie can offer you a host of benefits. If you haven’t been tracking our other blog posts, people enjoy CBD for the myriad of ways it makes them feel and its litany of uses.

So what’s the best way to add CBD to your smoothies? The first step is to determine how much CBD is right for you. You’ll want to start with a small dose of CBD and measure your reaction. With time, you can slowly increase the dose until you reach your desired results. This is probably best done using a CBD product on its own, but once you know, you can easily add it to your smoothies.

The easiest way to add CBD to your smoothie is to use a tincture. Tinctures use an oil base to carry all of the vitamins and minerals of the CBD. Thanks to its nature, the tincture should readily blend in with the rest of your smoothie. If you’re not crazy about the oily texture of a tincture, you can also use a CBD powder, like our CBD Boost. This acts much in the same way your pre-workout or whey protein powders do, as they blend and mix with the liquids within the smoothie.   

When it comes to what kind of CBD to add to your smoothie, you’ve got two primary options. CBD isolate is a distilled version of the cannabis compound. When you use an isolate, you’re only getting the cannabidiol. This can be valuable for some, but you miss out on the many other nutrients and minerals that a hemp extract has to offer this way. Instead, try using a full-spectrum product. This means that every part of the hemp plant was used to make the CBD, ensuring you get the essential fatty acids and A and D vitamins that hemp is packed full of. Another advantage of using a CBD oil or powder is that they are low in calories, ensuring that your smoothies aren’t being loaded with unnecessary calories. 

Axis Labs Has All of Your Favorite CBD Products

So there you have it. A smoothie can be a great part of your health and wellness routines, and so can hemp extracts!

Always in pursuit of purity and potency, Axis Labs uses an innovative cold extraction method in order to get the best hemp extracts available. From there, we use this premium, full-spectrum oil in all of our CBD products. Add a dash of CBD Boost to your next smoothie, or enjoy your beverage with one of our other products, like our gummies and shots. Browse our complete collection today and order now!

Different CBD Extraction Methods

Different CBD Extraction Methods

One of the unique things about hemp and CBD is its versatility. These products can be used to make a near-endless litany of products and can be cultivated, refined, and crafted in a number of ways. 

But before CBD can be used in products like gummies or pain relief creams, it has to be extracted from the hemp plant itself. Here at Axis Labs, we utilize a cold extraction method that uses ethanol to derive a full-spectrum extract from the hemp plant. That’s not the only extraction method, however, so we thought we’d cover a few of the other methods out there.

Alcohol Extraction

This form of extraction has been used for centuries as a way to draw nutrients and minerals out of plants to create tinctures. With alcohol extraction, alcohol is introduced to the hemp plant and allowed to interact. Over time, the alcohol draws the cannabinoids out of the plant. Typically, a high-proof ethanol is used, as it does not damage the cannabinoids within the hemp. It also helps to suspend the CBD in a liquid that prevents the valuable compound from oxidizing.

This method is prized by CBD companies who aren’t willing to compromise on the quality of their products. In some cases, the alcohol extraction method can be used to create extracts with up to 99% purity. This means that the subsequent CBD products made from this extract will be more potent without needing to use more CBD oil. 

CO2 Extraction

One of the most recent extraction methods to be used, CO2 extraction is expensive and complicated, but when done properly, it can create a CBD oil that’s free of chlorophyll. This extraction method is typically conducted in a closed-loop extractor, a machine with three chambers. The first chamber is filled with pressurized CO2, the second has the hemp plant, and the third chamber separates the final product. CO2 is pumped over the plant, extracting the CBD. The extract then runs to the bottom of the third chamber where it’s collected. 

Many are turning to CO2 extractions despite the added costs. Some argue that the process results in a cleaner product, and does a better job of extracting all of the useful cannabinoids out of the plant. 

Steam Distillation

Like alcohol extraction, steam distillation has been one of the most common extraction methods for centuries. This is one of the most proven forms of extraction out there because it’s fairly simple. 

Hemp is set in a glass flask connected to another glass. As the water heats up, steam moves into the plant flask, forcing the CBD from the hemp. The vapors are condensed into oil and water to collect more of the cannabinoids. Finally, the oil and water are distilled so that the CBD can be had separately from the water. 

However, time hasn’t necessarily made this method better. It takes a huge amount of hemp for this process to yield useful amounts of CBD, and extracting precise CBD amounts from individual plants is challenging with this method. Additionally, if the steam gets too hot, the extract itself can become damaged, ruing the CBD for everyone.

Olive Oil Extraction

This method of extraction is typically done at home by hemp enthusiasts. It’s probably very similar to the processes ancient civilizations would have used to extract CBD. This process is affordable, safe, and simple, making it accessible for nearly anyone. 

The hemp has to be decarboxylated for this to work. Essentially, you’ll have to heat the plant up to a certain temperature for a given amount of time. This activates the chemical compounds within the hemp. Typically, extra virgin olive oil yields the best results. But the main thing to keep in mind is that the end product, a CBD-infused olive oil, is perishable. Your CBD extracts should be stored in a cool, dry place and used soon after they’re produced.

Premium Extraction Methods Yield Premium CBD

When you purchase CBD products from Axis Labs, like our shots or pain relief creams, you can rest assured that you’re getting one of the purest and potent products on the market. That’s because we use a precise and careful extraction method, and then subject all of our extracts and products to a rigorous battery of tests through our third-party lab. You can find the lab results of our products right on our site. 

We encourage you to browse our line of CBD-based goods today. You’ll find tinctures, capsules, gummies, and more!

Our Innovative CBD Extraction Method

Our Innovative CBD Extraction Method

Often when we discuss CBD, we mention that it’s derived or extracted from hemp. However, we don’t often dive into detail about how CBD is extracted from the plant itself. It’s not picking fruit off a tree, it’s actually a highly specialized process, and different extraction methods can lead to different results. 

At Axis Labs, we’re all about helping you make smart decisions about your health and wellness. It’s why we have an entire page dedicated to our quality control process. Today, we wanted to walk you through our CBD extraction method and why we chose it for our premium CBD products. 

What is CBD Extraction?

Unlike other plant products, CBD cannot be harvested by picking up fruits or oils. It has to be removed from the plant in order to utilize the useful cannabinoids in products like capsules, tinctures, and gummies. Across the industry, there are a variety of extraction methods, including CO2 extraction, olive oil extraction, and liquid solvent extraction. Each come with their own host of benefits and downsides, and depending on which products the CBD manufacturer is making, they may choose one extraction method over another. 

Our Choice of Hemp

Equally as important as the extraction method is the hemp that the CBD is derived from. The fact is, poor quality hemp will lead to poor quality products, no matter how advanced the extraction method is. That’s why Axis Labs uses hemp from organic hemp farmers here in Colorado. We personally visit the farms to ensure that the growing practices are natural and ethical. Their hemp is rich in CBD and has been cultivated to ensure that its THC content is far below the legal THC limit of 0.3%. We’ve found that the Colorado climate is ideal for growing and drying hemp.

Our Cold Extraction Method

We base all of our products around our premium CBD oil, which we extract using a distinct method ─ cold extraction. This process is state-of-the-art and food-grade safe, meaning that you can rest assured knowing you’re getting a high-quality and healthy product. 

What’s Different Between Cold and Ambient Extraction?

While both use ethanol extraction, the results are quite different but equally valuable.

Cold extraction yields a higher quality oil that doesn’t pull the lipids and chlorophyll, but still maintains the natural terpene profile and amber color. With its 64-70% CBD concentration, this oil is well-suited for our tinctures and gummies.

The ambient extraction pulls some of the fats, lipids, and chlorophyll, resulting in a high profile of natural terpenes. The extract is dark green in color with amber tones. With a concentration of 50-65% and a unique earthy taste, this method does not yield the quality of CBD we demand for our products.

The Benefits

We chose the cold extraction method for the immense benefits it has to offer our products and you. For instance, theis method allow us to obtain a full-plant extract, meaning we use every part of the plant to create our CBD. Rather than obliterating the hemp and making it into a powder before extracting the CBD, cold extraction captures the vital nutrients, minerals, and terpenes in the hemp.

It's also a pressure-free process, meaning that the terpenes within the hemp are not compromised during extraction. With more of the plant and its cannabinoids intact, our CBD oil can help maintain the entourage effect

Our filtration process after extraction uses 10, 5, and 1-micron filtration to remove any impurities from the oil, ensuring the purity of our CBD is unrivaled. Unlike other extraction methods, like CO2, this process only uses one solvent, ethanol, which has been recognized by the FDA as safe for consumption. 

The end result of all of this work is a high-quality oil that is rich in CBD. Our cold extracted oils test out between 60-70% CBD, which means we can use less oil to offer you the same concentration of CBD. This means that you get an effective product that offers the benefits you’re looking for without that distinct hemp taste.

The Best Methods Yield the Best Products

At Axis Labs, we’re always in pursuit of producing better quality products. We’re willing to pursue and explore the latest and greatest in extraction methods in order to do it. We offer some of the finest full-spectrum CBD products on the market, thanks to our clean, sustainable, and cost-effective extraction methods. 

We invite you to try the entire line of Axis Labs CBD products, from shots to gummies, hemp oil to pain relief creams, and more, we’ve got the hemp-based goods designed to fit naturally into your lifestyle.

Can CBD Help You Lose Weight?

Can CBD Help You Lose Weight?

The uses for CBD are seemingly without limits. It’s a great way to help manage day-to-day concerns like stress, aches and pains, and sleep issues. With the body of research about CBD growing every day, people are looking for more ways to use this cannabis compound. As a provider of high-end CBD products and nutrition supplements, Axis Labs is always exploring how our products can be used together to help you enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

Today we’ll explore the connection between weight and the use of CBD.

Is CBD the Secret to Weight Loss?

CBD has plenty of benefits to offer, and weight loss may be one of them. While the research is still out on this topic, here’s what we do know.

Using CBD Could Help Increase Your Metabolism

Your metabolism is what utilizes the nutrients from your food to support, repair, and energize your body. Some researchers are now suggesting that the use of CBD could help to boost your metabolism, leading to weight loss. In a study of lab rats who were treated with CBD, researchers found that the rats lost weight.

This might be because CBD interacts with the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the lymphoid tissues and brain. These receptors in these spots are thought to be an important part of metabolism. By stimulating these areas, CBD could help to increase your metabolism. More research is needed to support these findings.

You Might Feel Less Hungry While Using CBD

Appetite management is an easy way to help your body lose weight. While many assume that any cannabis product will make them feel hungry (the infamous “munchies” brought on by the use of THC), CBD does not stimulate a hunger response. CBD can influence certain molecules without triggering the CB1 receptor that can lead to increased appetite.

When your appetite is suppressed, you’re less likely to overeat, helping your body lose weight naturally.

CBD Could Help Convert Fats

Your body contains two forms of fat ─ brown and white ─ which serve two different functions. White fat is the primary form of fat, and stores and supplies energy to your body while also protecting your organs. It also is connected to illnesses like heart disease and diabetes. Brown fat generates heat when calories are burned, and healthier people typically have a higher brown fat content in their body.

White fat can be turned into brown fat with simple steps, like getting regular exercise and sleeping enough. CBD can help in both of these processes. It has been connected to helping people recover from workouts and can help lull you to sleep.

The Risk of Metabolic Disorders May be Minimized

Excess weight is closely tied to metabolic issues like diabetes, elevated blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Some research argues that the over-stimulation of the CB receptors in your endocannabinoid system may be responsible for this. CBD could help to block CB1 receptors, which could then lead to a reduction in weight gain, thereby limiting the risk of developing a metabolic disorder. The natural antioxidants within CBD products can also help to reduce cholesterol, and blood sugar levels.

So What’s the Verdict?

After reviewing the evidence, we believe that CBD has the potential to be an effective natural weight loss supplement when paired together with regular exercise and a healthy diet. We’re excited to see what further research has to say about the connection between CBD and weight loss, and will update you when we find out more. Curious to see how weight loss can help your body in other ways? Explore how testosterone and CBD are linked and how they can help you reach your fitness goals.

Until then, you can include CBD in your lifestyle easily with our impressive lineup of products. We offer natural pain relief creams, CBD oils, capsules, and even gummies! Order your lab tested Axis Labs CBD products today.

Is CBD Keto Diet Friendly?

Is CBD Keto Diet Friendly?

Here at Axis Labs, we’ve noticed something. We’ve found that the same people who enjoy our keto products are usually the same people who like our CBD products. It makes sense, after all, both of these product collections are designed to help you live a healthier life. But what do these people know that you don’t?

If you’re looking to make changes in your health and wellness routine, embracing a ketogenic diet and supporting it with CBD products like tinctures or pills, might be a great way to do it. But how does CBD impact your keto diet? As a leading provider of both ketogenic products and CBD, we figured this was worth looking into. Let’s explore this issue a little bit.

Different Approaches and Shared Causes

Before we get too far into how you can use CBD in your keto diet, we thought it important to highlight the shared uses that both CBD products and the keto diet have. 


Chronic pain and inflammation are systemic problems here in the United States. Rather than relying on opioids or other hard pain killers, many are looking for more natural alternatives. Fortunately, diet and hemp-based products are just that. 

Inflammation is the result of your body releasing chemicals into your body to protect you from harmful substances or injury. It can also occur due to disease, autoimmune disorders, and more. But the keto diet has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties. A 2015 study found that the diet helps induce thermal nociception, which changes the way the body experiences pain and can help to reduce peripheral edema, which is when fluids build in the tissues that leads to swelling. 

Similarly, CBD is often used to help those with problems of inflammation. In a number of studies, CBD was shown to be an effective anti-inflammatory. This is because it reacts with the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The high levels of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids offer your body the nutrients it needs to recover quickly from injury or inflammation.


Epilepsy is a condition in which an individual experiences frequent and disorienting seizures throughout the day. Especially prominent in children, this condition can be debilitating and have an enormous impact on your quality of life. 

Surprisingly, the keto diet has been an effective form of treatment for this condition for decades. In the 1920s, Russel Wilder used the ketogenic diet to help minimize seizures in children. This diet plan can sometimes be the only option for those who have epilepsy and drug restrictions.

CBD, as well, is a great option for those with epilepsy. A 2016 study from Israel found that CBD can be used to help manage intractable epilepsy. Surprisingly, the study found that CBD was an excellent alternative for those who did not respond well to the ketogenic diet. 

Does CBD Take You Out of Ketosis?

For those on the keto diet, few things matter more than distinguishing what puts you into ketosis and what takes you out of it. For avid followers of the diet, they’ll deep dive into the research to ensure that no errant carb makes it into their meals so they don’t even have a risk of leaving ketosis. 

Fortunately for people like this, and those who are more casual followers of keto trends, CBD won’t kick your body out of the ketosis process. That’s because CBD is a great source of essential fatty acids, something your body needs during ketosis. Not only that, but when you use the right CBD product, it actually fits naturally into your keto diet. For instance, CBD tinctures and capsules are often made with a carrier oil like MCT or coconut oil. These are oils that are common in the keto community for their weight loss and energy-boosting properties. 

That means there’s no risk of CBD taking you out of ketosis. In fact, CBD may be what you need to stay in ketosis. Here’s how.

How CBD Helps Your Keto Diet

There’s no denying that the keto diet can be challenging to follow and maintain at first. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible, and with a little effort, and of course, some help from CBD, you might find that your keto dieting efforts are easier than ever.

Managing Stress

One of the ways you can unintentionally kick yourself out of ketosis is by being too stressed. Whether it’s work, relationships, or just general day-to-day stress, it affects our lives in a litany of lasting ways. When our bodies are stressed, we release more hormones to increase our blood sugar levels. This also lowers the level of valuable ketones in our body, forcing us out of ketosis.

But CBD has shown promise in helping some individuals manage their subjective feelings of stress. That’s because CBD impacts your serotonin 5HT1A receptor, which helps your body control feelings like stress and anxiety. Used correctly, CBD could, in theory, help you stay stress-free. A less stressful life also means a more effective keto diet. That has a compounding effect, as the added weight loss could help address some of the other stressors in your life. It’s a win-win!

Getting Better Sleep

It’s not uncommon for those who are just starting a ketogenic diet to struggle with getting enough sleep. That’s because your body is producing different hormones at different levels than you’re used to. Not only that, but your neurotransmitters are reacting to all of this in a different way. This can keep some from sleeping restfully throughout the night. 

We all deal with a few sleepless nights every now and then, but a lack of sleep stresses your body, which as we just discussed, can kick your body out of ketosis. So how do you manage this? With CBD, of course! Numerous studies have found that CBD could help you get a better night’s sleep. That’s because CBD might help you get more REM sleep, which is where our bodies begin to repair itself. Not only that, but using CBD could help prepare your body more effectively. By limiting your sense of stress and anxiety by using CBD, you might find you fall asleep faster, and stay asleep longer. Finally, the purported anti-inflammatory properties of CBD can help you say goodnight to the aches and pains that are keeping you up at night.

So, Is CBD Keto Friendly?

Yes! When you use a high-quality CBD extract or supplement, you can safely use it in your keto diet with nothing to lose and so much to gain! That said, you’ll need to be a little particular about which CBD products you use, as the ingredients in something like our CBD gummies don’t fit in a keto diet. Luckily, we offer tinctures and capsules that are carb-free. 

We put all of our ingredients and health facts right on the label of our CBD products so you can make informed purchasing decisions. It’s all part of our quality assurance process

Ready to take your ketogenic diet to the next level? Axis Labs offers more than just premium CBD. Make sure you check out our lineup of sports nutrition supplements, including Ketorush! Order your CBD and ketogenic products from Axis Labs today!