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Can You Use CBD as a Pre-Workout?

Can You Use CBD as a Pre-Workout?

Your pre-workout supplements play a huge role in your exercise habits. Most pre-workout supplements are designed to offer you a quick boost of energy before you hit the gym. But unless you’re using a high-quality pre-workout formula, you might just be putting a bunch of caffeine into your body. 

So if you’re looking for a natural alternative to your pre-workouts, what options do you have? Hemp-based options, like CBD, are actually a great choice for those looking for an effective pre-workout supplement.

CBD as an Exercise Enhancement Option

The use of CBD in exercise routines isn’t new. Many athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all levels now use CBD and other hemp-based products as a regular part of their health and wellness routines. This cannabis compound is remarkable for its reported anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic effects. A product like CBD could help you fight through muscle fatigue or find the focus to get the most out of your next trip to the gym.

So it’s only natural that many would use CBD as a pre-workout.

Taking CBD Before Exercise

Many assume that a cannabis product of any kind will leave them feeling lethargic and unfocused. In reality, they’re confusing the psychoactive effects of THC with the useful benefits of CBD. 

In some cases, CBD has actually been shown to help you feel brighter and more alert when taken in low doses. Rather than reach for that energy drink, add a drop of CBD oil to your pre-workout shake instead. You might find that you’ll have the energy you need to get started in your workout and persist through the end of your sets and reps.

Many also use CBD in their pre-workout in order to enhance their endurance. There’s some evidence to suggest that your body needs a balanced endocannabinoid system in order to release the endorphins you feel during exercise. So if you’re looking to get that “runner’s high” sooner in the gym, offering your body and ECS a proper dose of CBD could be just what you need. 

In addition to getting to that “feel good” state faster, some appreciate how CBD may play a role in keeping them from getting tired earlier in the workout. That’s because researchers argue that CBD has notable anti-inflammatory properties. Essentially, full-spectrum CBD products are packed with tons of vitamins and nutrients, including Omega 3 and Omega 6. These essential fatty acids have been shown to limit muscle soreness and swelling and can help with recovery as well.

For those who are caffeine sensitive, taking a pre-workout supplement might just leave them feeling jittery and weak during their workouts, rather than focused and fit. This makes CBD a great option for them. Several studies have found that CBD can have a stabilizing effect on your mood, it’s one reason that researchers are exploring using the cannabis compound as a treatment option for those with anxiety.

Which CBD Product Should You Take as Part of Your Pre-Workout?

There’s no denying the promise that CBD offers to athletes, but how should you use it before you exercise? You’ll need to consider the various types of CBD products available, determine the right dosage for your needs, and also factor in the bioavailability of each product.

Determining the right CBD dose takes a little bit of experimentation, and is entirely unique to you. Basically, you’ll have to use a small dosage of your particular CBD product, and slowly increase the amount you take until you achieve your desired results.

Bioavailability is how much CBD is introduced to your bloodstream after you take a given product. Some CBD products have a higher degree of bioavailability than others. For example, vaping CBD offers the most bioavailability, and you might feel the effects in as little as 15 minutes. Other products, like a CBD gummy, has to break down in the stomach, meaning the bioavailability is lower, and the effects can be felt about two hours after consumption.  

Add Premium CBD to Your Pre-Workout Today

Enjoy all that high-quality, cold-extracted CBD has to offer and check out the Axis Labs collection of CBD products. From hemp oil for pain to tasty gummies, and even a CBD powder, we’ve got everything you need to make the most of your pre-workout supplements. Check out our lab test results and find out more about our quality control process, then order your own CBD supplements!

How to Microdose CBD

How to Microdose CBD

If you’ve paid attention to the news at all in the last year or so, you’ve no doubt heard about microdosing in one form or another. Commonly associated with illegal substances, like acid or psilocybin, the practice is to take small amounts of a substance throughout the day in order to sustain an effect.

But microdosing isn’t just for illegal substances and is actually a great fit for legal products like CBD. In fact, microdosing CBD might enhance its effects and help you get more out of each product. Not sure how to follow a microdosing strategy for your CBD? We’ve got your back. Axis Labs has assembled this brief guide to show you how!

Understanding Microdosing

It can be argued that the first time microdosing was tried was also the first time anyone tried LSD. Chemist Dr. Albert Hofmann created the substance and took minute amounts of it throughout the day for the last 20 years of his life. Hofmann discovered, and was later backed up by other researchers, that by taking small doses of a product throughout the day, he could manipulate the receptors in his body and achieve a certain effect by using less of the product.

How to Microdose

Microdosing can be accomplished in a number of ways. In fact, you can microdose with any of the CBD products we sell.

Some CBD products are better for microdosing than others. For instance, CBD oils and tinctures are taken using a dropper, which helps you take a precise amount of the oil. Softgels and capsules are filled with a fixed amount of CBD, meaning that you can predictably get the same amount of CBD each time you take it.

How effective the microdose will be is dependant on the bioavailability of that particular hemp-based product. For instance, taking CBD orally by ingesting something like a gummy means that the CBD has to be dissolved in the stomach before it can enter the bloodstream. This means that CBD gummies have a low level of bioavailability. On the other hand, sublingual CBD, like an oil, has a much higher level of bioavailability. Vaping has perhaps the highest level of bioavailability, as it interacts with the blood vessels lining your lungs almost immediately.

Once you’ve chosen the form of CBD you want to microdose, you can begin the process. Remember, everyone reacts differently to CBD, so how much you take will depend on your unique physiology and reaction the cannabis compound. Examine your usual dose of CBD and think about how you can spread that out over the course of a day. For instance, you might use 25mg of CBD each morning through a tincture. Instead, consider taking 5mg in the morning, 5 when you get to work, 5 more at lunch, another 5 at dinner, then the final 5 before bed. This could help you feel the effects throughout the day.

Microdosing for Beginners

Just like finding your ideal dosage of CBD, discovering the right amount of CBD to take in a microdose takes a little bit of experimentation and research. If you read this past blog, this process might seem familiar but it’s a little different.

Start with a small dosage. Something like 1mg. Over the next hour, record how you feel. If you don’t feel anything, take another dose of the same amount an hour after you took the first dose. Again, record your experiences. Try this amount of CBD at this same interval for a day. If you don’t feel anything, try a slightly larger amount the following day. Once you have a sense of how many milligrams you need to take and how often to get the desired effect, you can start to microdose with that throughout the day.

The Advantages of Microdosing CBD

By taking small doses of CBD throughout the day, you’re stimulating your Endocannabinoid on a regular basis. This means that the effects of the cannabis are constantly being experienced. For some, microdosing might become their preferred method of using CBD. That’s because it does a good job of keeping a balanced level of CBD in your system.

For those who use CBD for recurring or chronic concerns like generalized anxiety, pain, or depression, having a relatively constant amount of CBD in your body at any given moment may help you feel better than taking a larger dose at the beginning or end of your day.

Enhance Your Health Today

Ready to start microdosing? Then Axis Labs has the CBD products for you. Made from high-quality, industrial hemp, we work with a third-party lab to verify the purity and potency of all of our CBD and hemp oil products. From oils to gummies and much more, we’ve got the CBD that fits naturally into your lifestyle. Shop now!

Addressing Your Aches and Pains with CBD

Addressing Your Aches and Pains with CBD

When it comes to addressing your aches and pains you have a seemingly endless litany of various products to choose from. While some may relieve your pain, they can have complicated side effects as well. A quick scroll through your phone or turning on the TV will undoubtedly reveal some coverage of the growing opioid crisis here in the United States. With the complications, addictions, and side effects that are increasingly being associated with opioid painkillers, it’s no wonder that so many people are looking for alternatives.

Thanks to the passage of the 2014 and 2018 Farm Bills, there has been an acceleration of the study and research that goes into hemp-based and CBD products. These studies have promising results, and CBD may be a great addition to your pain relief practices. Join Axis Labs as we explore how you can include CBD in your health and wellness routines.

Chronic Pain and CBD

Whether you injured yourself on the sports field or at the gym, you’re dealing with lifestyle choices or recovering from a medical procedure, you might be suffering from chronic pain. This pain may be isolated to certain parts of your body or can radiate from a certain source.

Fortunately, there is a growing body of research that suggests that CBD may be an effective form of natural pain relief for those suffering from these issues. That’s because researchers believe that CBD has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. This means your body reacts to CBD in a variety of ways thanks to your endocannabinoid system. This is the network of receptors that runs throughout your body and is paired with your nervous system. The ECS is naturally set up to utilize hemp-based cannabinoids like CBD.

One of the reasons CBD may be effective in helping you manage your pain is because the compound is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Researchers found that the body utilizes both of these acids to help repair and restore tissues in your body. They’ve proven to be an effective natural anti-inflammatory.

Why You Should Use CBD for Pain Relief

Instead of relying on an over-the-counter or prescription painkiller, CBD may be an effective way to help you manage your pain. That’s because CBD offers you benefits that these other products simply cannot. For one, CBD is fast-acting. Our customers note that they start to feel the effects of CBD in as little as 30 minutes after consuming it.CBD products are also naturally derived from hemp, meaning that your body can more readily use them than a synthetic product. Additionally, you cannot develop a tolerance for CBD. Unlike an opioid, you cannot develop an addiction to CBD. As an added benefit, there is no chance of overdosing while using CBD. A study found that participants who took even 30 times the recommended dosage did not experience any adverse side effects.

Help Manage Your Pain with CBD Today

You could experience natural pain relief the first time you use CBD products from Axis Labs CBD. We use high-quality hemp as a base for all of our products and then work with third-party lab to test for purity and potency. We have CBD products to fit any lifestyle. Shop our selection of pain relief creams, tinctures, and capsules to find the right CBD product for you. Order today.

Using CBD For Skin Care

Using CBD For Skin Care

When caring for your skin, you most likely use a lineup of products for a variety of different reasons. But in some cases, you may find that the chemicals within these products actually do more to dry out your skin than nourish it. More than just soap and water, you need to use a product that keeps your skin looking soft and strong. If you’re looking for a skincare product that has the added benefit of natural pain relief, then using a CBD based skin cream it may be the perfect choice for you. Here at Axis Labs CBD, we offer such a cream, but we thought it would be useful to explore why CBD is such an effective part of your new skin care regimen.

Why You Need Healthy Skin

They say that beauty is skin deep but your health goes far deeper. Caring for your skin does more than just enhance your physical appearance it can also enhance your health and wellness. Your skin is your body's largest barrier for infection. Irritations, cuts, and rashes can all leave us vulnerable to infection. In many cases, skincare products use ingredients that only serve to further irritate our skin. That's why it's important to use an effective skincare product like CBD.

CBD: It's What Skin Craves

The hemp plant is full of natural nutrients that can help care for your skin in a variety of ways. In particular, CBD products like a cream or salve have a high concentration of essential fatty acids and vitamins.

Essential Fatty Acids and Your Skin

You've likely heard about essential fatty acids from your doctor or the grocery store. Omega-3 and Omega-6 acids help to care for your skin and your health. In the past, doctors have suggested using fish oil as a great source for Omega fatty acids. But today, many are realizing that hemp-based products have a higher concentration of these fatty acids. Research suggests that these fatty acids may have anti-inflammatory properties which can help to encourage your skin to heal itself. It also helps your skin retain its elasticity and smoothness.

Vital Vitamins

More than just essential fatty acids, CBD products can also provide you with the vitamins that your skin needs. In particular, hemp is a great source for vitamin A. This vitamin helps your skin resist the harmful effects of UV rays from the sun, and can also help resist infections. As an added benefit you may even look a little younger. In addition, CBD is also a great source for vitamin D. This helps to stimulate the production of collagen which helps to keep your skin elastic and smooth. There's some evidence that it may even help to manage your acne.

CBD: a Chemical Free Skincare Choice

Choosing the right skin care product for you can be challenging sometimes, especially with so many choices in the skincare aisle. But rather than leave it a chance and luck, you can ensure that your offering your skin healthy nutrients it needs by using a CBD product instead. Axis Labs uses a high-quality hemp as a base for all of its premium CBD products. We lab test our CBD pain relief cream through a third-party to ensure potency and purity. Care for your skin naturally and effectively with Axis Labs CBD.

Exploring The Entourage Effect

Exploring The Entourage Effect

For those new to the field of hemp or CBD products, the sheer number of phrases products and types can be a little overwhelming. But a phrase he may have seen repeatedly, whether it was at the store, from a friend, or a magazine, is the "entourage effect." Essentially, within every cannabis plant are a variety of compounds called cannabinoids. This includes compounds like CBD, CBG, and CNG. Much like you have a better time when you and your best friends get to go out for a night on the town, these cannabinoids are more effective when they're allowed to work together. But there's more to gain the entourage effect than just that.

Promising Reacher Research for a Promising Effect

Israel has been a major research hub for cannabis and CBD for many years, so it only makes sense that they would be the first to propose the entourage effect. In 1998, an Israeli research team were comparing the health effects of cannabinoids and synthetic medicines. Their study was the first to propose that one can adenoids were allowed to interact with each other their effects were amplified, helping to address aches and pains and other issues.

Using CBD to Experience the Entourage Effect

Whether or not you experience this the entourage effect is based on which kind of CBD product to use. Typically, you'll find two ways to create CBD products. The first is to take a hemp plant and extract just the CBD from it. This creates what's called an isolate. The other way to collect cannabinoids from the hemp plant is to extract all the compounds, vitamins, and minerals that are in the hemp plant itself. This form of CBD is called "whole plant" or "full-spectrum" oil. Because there are more compounds, and other nutrients in your full-spectrum CBD products, you are more likely to experience the entourage effect using these.

The Possible Benefits of the Entourage Effect

But why are you more likely to experience the entourage effect using a full-spectrum product rather than isolate? Essentially, the number of cannabinoids and other nutrients within a full-spectrum extract is able to target a wider variety of receptors throughout your body, and your Endocannabinoid system. The initial 1998 studies were corroborated by a 2003 study. It suggested that the entourage effect from a full-spectrum CBD product helped to limit spasms caused by MS. The whole plant extracts were found to be more effective than simple isolate extracts.

There is some evidence to suggest that full-spectrum CBD products are more effective in helping the body resist bacterial infection. When the CBD compound is bolstered by the other cannabinoids in a full-spectrum product it may help your body to resist the development of bacterial colonies.

In short, many in the field of cannabis argue that full-spectrum products are more effective than isolates because they are able to induce the entourage effect. They say that teamwork makes the dream work, and the same can be said for cannabinoids and the entourage effect.

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Starting with a high-quality industrial grown hemp, Axis Labs has created a lineup of superior CBD products. Thanks to our third-party lab testing process, we can ensure that our CBD pills, tinctures, and gummies are some of the finest available. You can naturally include these hemp-based products into your lifestyle to enhance your health and wellness. Browse the complete lineup of Axis Labs CBD products and goods in order yours today.